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We focus on the ultimate family or service dog, that's our main goal. In addition to Optimum Health and the older, straighter build, we strive for 3 other important traits: Instinctive intelligence (a MUST have for service dogs), adaptive intelligence, and working/obedience intelligence. Our breeding program focuses on structural strength as well as this instinctual intelligence, a strong structure is so important to the work expected of them. When all these trait are combined, they are outstanding. This is not a show dog, this is the family and service dog, the ultimate Old Style Family GSD.

There are so many different "types" of GSD today, and each circle has their own standards, which they believe in as much as the next circle believes in theirs.
Each breeder, of each type, has a specific goal in mind,... the show breeder has shows in mind, they need a dog whose look conforms to the current trends/standards and may or may not include the "bite games". A 'trials/sport competition' breeder has competitions in mind and look for the very "High Drive/hard bite"; a dog that excels in the "game" of attacking. Herders have herding in mind, dogs that will obey 'directional commands' and properly bite at the herds to keep them under control, etc. Of course these are not the only things they look for, but you can get the general idea of their differences from this short description. Here we strive for the Family German Shepherd. There is a big difference among all these bloodlines...

 We have families in mind.
Our down to earth world of natural dogs, and the high roller world of professional handlers, competition games, and primped dogs are as different as day is to night.  ***Once in a while we do have a show litter that we keep a pup from, to to keep the structure and coloring true in our lines, and the occasional high drive/extremely focused pup might come out of those litters, but those pups require a working or highly experienced home. We also will, on occasion, have an adult that is an excellent candidate for re-homing. These adults will be the retired parents that have an extraordinary relationship with kids ***

This following article explains the different types within the breed. http://www.allaboutgermanshepherddogs.com/conflict.htm (although the family type is not mentioned....probably because it earns no titles or "points" as in the more publicized competition world). This next link is to an interview with a highly honored professional "old school" German Shepherd expert (a master herding shepherd for sixty-four years as of 2009), and it best describes 1 of the 3 important traits that we strive for; the "instinctual" intelligence trait: www.german-shepherdherding.com/the-genetic-origin-of-the-breed/
Make sure you know which type you're looking for before you decide to invest in a German Shepherd puppy, the selection process is not as "cut and dried" as most think it is. Explore our website information! . We try to touch on all topics generally unknown by the public.... "An informed parent, is the best parent"!

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Old Style Family German Shepherds Old Style Family German Shepherds Old Style Family German Shepherds
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