Welcome to our life of Family German Shepherds!
Family Loved, Health Guaranteed, AKC Family and Service German Shepherds born and raised in our family.
We focus on the ultimate family or service dog, that's our main goal. In addition to Optimum Health and the older, straighter build, we strive for 3 other important traits: Instinctive intelligence (a MUST have for service dogs), adaptive intelligence, and working/obedience intelligence. Our breeding program focuses on structural strength as well as this instinctual intelligence, a strong structure is so important to the work expected of them. When all these trait are combined, they are outstanding. This is not a show dog, this is the family and service dog, the ultimate Old Style Family GSD.

There are so many different "types" of GSD today, and each circle has their own standards, which they believe in as much as the next circle believes in theirs.
Each breeder, of each type, has a specific goal in mind,... the show breeder has shows in mind, they need a dog whose look conforms to the current trends/standards and may or may not include the "bite games". A 'trials/sport competition' breeder has competitions in mind and look for the very "High Drive/hard bite"; a dog that excels in the "game" of attacking. Herders have herding in mind, dogs that will obey 'directional commands' and properly bite at the herds to keep them under control, etc. Of course these are not the only things they look for, but you can get the general idea of their differences from this short description. Here we strive for the Family German Shepherd. There is a big difference among all these bloodlines...

 We have families in mind.
Our down to earth world of natural dogs, and the high roller world of professional handlers, competition games, and primped dogs are as different as day is to night.  ***Once in a while we do have a show litter that we keep a pup from, to to keep the structure and coloring true in our lines, and the occasional high drive/extremely focused pup might come out of those litters, but those pups require a working or highly experienced home. We also will, on occasion, have an adult that is an excellent candidate for re-homing. These adults will be the retired parents that have an extraordinary relationship with kids ***

This following article explains the different types within the breed. http://www.allaboutgermanshepherddogs.com/conflict.htm (although the family type is not mentioned....probably because it earns no titles or "points" as in the more publicized competition world). This next link is to an interview with a highly honored professional "old school" German Shepherd expert (a master herding shepherd for sixty-four years as of 2009), and it best describes 1 of the 3 important traits that we strive for; the "instinctual" intelligence trait: www.german-shepherdherding.com/the-genetic-origin-of-the-breed/
Make sure you know which type you're looking for before you decide to invest in a German Shepherd puppy, the selection process is not as "cut and dried" as most think it is. Explore our website information! . We try to touch on all topics generally unknown by the public.... "An informed parent, is the best parent"!

Photos from our pedigrees
Old Style Family German Shepherds
From Military Working Dogs, (down through  history and today) to Police K-9, SAR,  or Family Companions/ Protectors, whichever the specialty they're bred for, this is a truly versatile breed!
See our Guarantee page, and see our 99.9% happy families' reviews on our ​"Past Pups/Reviews" page
    The Family German Shepherd!
Old Style Family German Shepherds
The average "would be intruder" will wisely by-pass a home/ child with a Family German Shepherd on duty.
          Loyal and Loving
       GSD4ALL - Old Style
  Family German Shepherds
Old Style Family German Shepherds
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Another special thank you goes out to all the 4 legged soldiers out there keeping our loved ones safe. More would be lost without the detection and protection skills of these K-9s, not to mention the emotional comfort a bond can give! Our thoughts and prayers go out for their safety as well so that they can continue to serve and safeguard our loved ones.They give their lives for those who give theirs. 
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"
-- Unknown
Old Style Family German Shepherds
Sick child's best friend.
child's favorite pillow
German Shepherds in the Washington / Oregon area, the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, 
                              They are my family, my joy and my passion.

                               "I'm happiest when I'm with my shepherd"
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Old Style Family German Shepherds
Military, Veteran and Police Force discounts with proof of service.  
​         Just our way of saying Thank You! 
Old Style Family German Shepherds
                     To all those that serve:..................

                               Thank you!                

We support those who serve our country!
​Here's another site that serves injured vets:
We honor our Military and Veterans!. Thank You ....for all you do.
Our girl Yva ...Retired healthy and happy 2013
~See more pictures in our Photo Collage on the "About us/Our Pedigrees page"
   Even our town   
  is country style
and family friendly!

Military & Police discounts
We are first and foremost a family.
We are, simply put, a family that loves the Family German Shepherd Dog and we share this love with others. We are NOT a kennel,
we only have about 3 litters per year (if time and circumstances allow) and so we don't have the high "kennel" prices. We search for quality families!  Our dogs are family dogs, so don't expect the high production, professional atmosphere of a competition or commercial breeder, either on this website or at our home. If you are looking for a cheap way to get into the competition circles, please look elsewhere, that is not what we're about.  If your intent is on entering that world, my advice is to go to that world, find a top competition kennel/breeder and get your dog from them. I've been told by a former competitor that it's about who you know and where/who your dog came from, so one of their own dogs is your best bet. ** I've read that the UKC club is welcoming to new people though, and professional dog handlers are not allowed, so competitions are for owners only,.... that might be something to look into if you're interested in that sort of activity with your dog!

Also, because we understand that you need to be assured that we are a real family with real dogs, (we fear scammers too) we encourage visits with your puppy, and we share an abundance of personal photos and videos. It's a big step to find the right pup for a family and we want you to know that we'll help you through the whole process, before your pup comes home, (weekly pictures as they grow as well as videos), and then after you finally get your pup, for any questions or training, or whatever you need help with. 

So if you're looking for a family GSD that is capable of being the top in it's obedience class, can play ball with your kids, intimidate an intruder or unwelcomed stranger (but not go berserk), can go to show n tell with your son / daughter, be your 4 legged vacuum following after your kids, and be there to soothe the tears of an upsetting day, and cuddle at your feet (or in your lap!) after a grueling day at work, THAT'S what we're all about, that's what we strive for.
Our pups are the best family dogs around. (Kira once saved a little one (toddler) from a campfire by "herding" him away from it,.... many more family stories below and throughout this site)
You can see our family on our "About Us" page. Our dogs don't live outside in kennels. They have a dog house or two outside but won't even use them LOL! They live with us in our home and they know it. No we don't compete, but our dogs carry the same pedigree names/genes (although they are blended of all the types), they are as smart as the competition dogs, and maybe even more stable and loving due to their everyday life and their wide variety of ancestors. (at least I have heard this from others that, until meeting ours, did not like German Shepherds LOL). I believe the difference is in the way they are raised, from conception up to the time they go from our home to yours.
*****We don't have puppies often, so it's best to get your name on the waiting list or "reserved pick" list. A written GOOD HEALTH GUARANTEE (refund or exchange) goes with each puppy! 
Our dogs' world, is in a calm yet occasionally hectic family setting. I believe the atmosphere that surrounds the dog from the time the mom is pregnant (just like other mammals, us humans included) and especially through the first few weeks of life makes a difference in the future life of the dog and it's potential family. The personal photos you see on these pages are of our dogs in their every day life, this is our world. They're absolute family dogs. I would like to think that my hard work to find and bring back the awesome family traits of dogs of the past, with family being it's "job" and that job being so natural to it, it's passion and very reason for being, is worth it. A dog that just seems to "know" somethings wrong without an "order" to recognize it. Like the dogs of our past.
 I've often wondered if I was alone in these beliefs, but then I found this interview with a highly respected "old school" professional and seasoned veteran in the breed: "Schäfermeister" Manfred Heyne. Although our specialties are in different areas (mine being family dogs, his being the herding dogs) we agree on the instinctual intelligence issue.
More on "instinctual intelligence" is found in this website's pages: http://www.german-shepherdherding.com/the-genetic-origin-of-the-breed/
I hope all look into it, his thoughts on "competition" dogs, "ring runners" (aka show dogs), and "real life working dogs" is similar to mine,
it's extremely interesting reading.
In any case, each "type" fits it's ultimate purpose for the owner, and I love the Family Shepherds for our family. 
Old Style Family German Shepherds
Family dogs living a family life
Our dogs are home dogs. They are protective, yet playful, loving and gentle with the family and friends. More than once they have settled the fear of a child, and in just a few minutes, the child has reached out to the dog. This is why I choose family shepherds over pure show or work. I think many people that have a dislike due to a personal experience  in their past, do not realize there are different bloodlines out there and that those bloodlines make a big difference in the dog. A high energy dog from pure 'working lines' may not make the best "babysitter" dog for instance. The bloodlines DO make a difference.
I come from a long line of German Shepherd people, people that had family type German Shepherds, not work or show types. Their dogs worked at home as ours do still today. My father had German Shepherds as did his father, my grandpa (who also had a knack for training). The dogs were family dogs through and through. We played football (tackle yet!) frisbee , swam with them, and would sneak the food to them that we as kids didn't want SSSHHH! LOL! Some of these dogs were trained far beyond the usual obedience and manners and might even have been top champions if they had been raised in that competition world, but as my dad always said, "the dog can't read and doesn't care about a shiny object", and he's right, only people care about those things.

As I was growing up, more often than not there were no fences to define property lines, the dogs just seemed to know where they belonged and that family was to be taken care of and intruders were to be kept out. These dogs were not trained to know this, they just seemed to "know". Our dogs today aren't asked to "perform" for people's entertainment, I won't "put them through hoops" for anyone. They understand our language around here, a snap of my fingers, a look, a sound from me is usually all it takes to put a atop to any bad behavior. They are mannerly and obedient to us and not all of them will like a stranger, some do some don't, but they always look to me for their boundaries and guidance, as it should be. They all have different likes / dislikes, different favorites of toys, games, etc. They're individuals just like my two legged kids are.

There are many stories of these family style dogs doing their job:  saving kids (even when the child was not their own), warding off drunk intruders, keeping strays from hurting us and yet leaving alone the wildlife that inhabited our property. This was all done without special attack training. On the gentler side, one of our dogs even "helped" my little brother bring home a few baby bunnies, she never hurt them but carried one home in her mouth while my brother carried a few more in his shirt. Mother of course had them put the bunnies back, but this shows how a family German Shepherd can be. This is what was bred into the German Shepherds of days gone by. They were bred to be guardians and herders, to keep the flock together and safe. If there was no apparent danger nor "air of danger" they were fine. They didn't need to be ordered to do these things, they just seemed to know. With no actual "guard dog" training, they guarded with instinct and intelligence. Here's another example: My Uncle came from the east one year and even though our male had never met him,  (and this dog did NOT like strangers), he greeted him as if he KNEW it was family!! How did he know? We didn't "introduce" him. This dog that did NOT like strangers accepted this man and acted as if he had known him for YEARS and that having him there was no big deal! This is the intelligence we strive for. Our dogs don't care that they don't have trophies (but if they could talk, they might brag that their parents or grandparents do LOL!) But more importantly, they have good instincts. This breed should do their job with instinctual intelligence better than any other breed.
After 40 plus years I continue to educate myself on the health, training, and breeding theories / knowledge and pedigrees. I continue to research new findings / data in order to be more aware of the lastest information. Continued growth of knowledge is so important in any thing we do, and I think everyone should be open to all that is offered out there today. There is tremendous opportunity for educational growth when a person is open to learning from the experiences of others. There are some amazing people out there that love to share their knowledge with those that are eager to listen and learn. These "teachers" come from all areas of expertise; from long established breeders, to professional trainers, to vets and researchers with their constantly updated findings, to our own family and their many combined years, there are those that are open to sharing their experiences with those that are eager to listen. Their vast combined knowledge, as well as what I have learned from my own learning curves, has taught me so much! I believe we should all be open minded to learning, and always know that we can improve, correct, and continue to grow so that we can provide the best future for not just us, but for our awesome breed.
Old Style Family German Shepherds
For those that are interested in the pedigrees: Here are a few of Our Dogs' Pedigree Parents, Grandparents & Gr.Grandparents

I love those German Shepherds I knew as a child and throughout my life, and I'm very particular to find those same qualities in the dogs I have today. ....Here is a rather "out there" comparison, but think of the best Orange Juice.... Each type of orange grown is important and best for it's use by itself, but would not make the best juice when used alone. The best juice comes from a blend of the best of the best right? Well that's how the founder of the breed must have been thinking when he saw that "perfect" dog for the first time....How does a person re-create those traits? And so the GSD story started to form. Unfortunately, like all new things, some others try to "one up" on his ideal dog, and started to focus on, and breed for, the ONE trait that they liked the most,.... one for trendy looks and ring running, one for attack work, etc. Now today, it's a huge task in itself to search for, find, and then to blend these important traits back into one dog as it once was.
This is the regal and versatile dog that I believe it was intended to be. My aim is to take all these strong structures, high intelligence, instincts and stable temperaments and breed them back into the mainstream German Shepherds, the type that is actually meant for families and hopefully bring back the type of dogs I knew from long ago. The Family German Shepherds of my childhood, my Dad's young days and my Granddad's
Old Style Family German Shepherds Old Style Family German Shepherds
Our dogs and some of our past pups with their kids:
My love for and experience with the German Shepherd started in my childhood, in the early 60s, and that love pushes me to improve at every chance I can get. My grandfather first introduced me to training at an early age, so I guess you could say that my interest is inherited from him. I trained my first one, a sable German Shepherd, when I was 12 /13 yrs old. I taught him to climb, watch, "send away", come, stop, sit, lay down, stay, heel, etc. all with hand signals as well as voice commands. I was hooked from that point on (I have been told more than once by a sibling that I "was always monopolizing our dogs"... I was always out training with them LOL!) It's true! I LOVED working with the dogs! I chose the dogs over people more often than not. For me, it's a fun and fascinating field and I will continue to soak up all the research and facts until my last breath!
Old Style Family German Shepherds
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Our "cuddle bugs" have all given a growl of warning when they felt the kids were in danger, but they settle down just as fast when told it's ok. They keep an eye on the one that causes their distrust though. That's exactly what I strive for.... Stable, loving, and loyal... yet protective.
6 of our Past pups are now dedicated Service Dogs or In Training
Seasonal and other important updates:

Nice weather means hot cars: PLEASE don't leave your pets/kids in the car for even a few minutes!

Fleas and Ticks
are around again! 
Here are some important warnings, info and tips for dealing with these intruders:

And: http://products.mercola.com/healthypets/flea-and-tick-control/?e_cid=20150502Z1_PetsNL_YRP_1&utm_source=petsnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=yrp1&utm_campaign=20150502Z1&et_cid=DM73469&et_rid=937357152

We rarely have a flea or tick problem around here, but we use DE, in and around the yards, their beds and even the house. It's proven very effective for us. Natural, non chemical and we love it!

as of June 2015
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